10 years and counting…

Exactly ten (10) years ago today, I set foot on the premises of Digos Water District to start my stint as an office girl.  It was a very productive day since my first task was to file several-months-old documents (Billing Adjustment Memos).  After the office closed at 5:00PM, I hurriedly went home to celebrate the 55th birthday of my beloved mama.  She was a bit fat at that time and I was… uhm… borderline slim. Continue reading


Of devouring elevators…

Originally written for Padigos (The Official Publication of Digos Water District) released under Vol. 3 Issue No. 1 covering the periods January – June 2014.

The following is a true story which transpired at Malaysia and Singapore during a GIS Training last June 11-13, 2014.

Being a “probinsyana” that I am, raised in a very rural way, I took pride when I stepped in and out of the elevator unscathed the first time I rode on it.  I even became prouder when I gave instructions to my parents on how to ride the elevator and I also assisted elderly persons who were with me inside the elevator everytime they had that puzzled expression on their faces as if saying “Now what?”.  I thought I aced the elevator ways but I was wrong… Continue reading

Study on the Residential Water Consumption Pattern of Digos Water District


Water conservation is a global concern especially that there are various studies depicting decrease in our groundwater level intensified by the harsh effects of Climate Change.  The Digos Water District (DWD) is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) located in Digos City, Davao del Sur mandated to deliver potable and safe drinking water to its franchise area.  It is primarily a service-oriented agency.  Being a water company, DWD are taking measures to mitigate groundwater depletion by conducting fora on the matter and growing 30,000+ trees in the identified watershed area in Digos City.  Moreover, the water district are monitoring possible water pilferage and repairing leakages not just for profit but to answer the call to water conservation and to sustain the health standards for drinking water. Continue reading