Capstone Project Scope

Capstone Project Proposal #1

Too-Big (Water Usage Monitoring Tool)

  • Project Rationale

Water conservation has been a continuing drive because of the adverse effect the humanity will experience once water, particularly drinking water, is gone.  A case study was conducted by the proponent to determine the average consumption of the concessionaires of Digos Water District located in Digos City, Davao del Sur.  Fortunately, the respondents, which comprise a small portion of the total active connections, had shown that water usage has been minimal.  Although said case study was inconclusive to depict the general consumption pattern of the residential concessionaires nor the reasons why the respondents’ use was minimal usage verified, the proponent had theorized that if said concessionaires will be visually made aware of their consumption for a certain period, at least they will save water. Continue reading


Water Interruption Forecasting

 Capstone Project Proposal #3

I.     Proposed Topic

Water Interruption Forecasting

II.     Introduction

Fresh water is one of the scarce resources today.  Among all the water on Earth, only 1% is fresh water usable for human consumption. Currently many countries are facing water problem due to population and economy growth, especially in large cities. (Dai, Li, Sahu, Naphade, & Chen, 2011)

Water utilities are mandated to deliver safe and potable drinking water to its franchise area.  Inefficiency in the quality and quantity of drinking water is detrimental to the operations of the water utility and the overall health of its concessionaires.  Measures should always be taken and practiced to deliver potable drinking water 24 hours a day for it is said that a person can go on for days without food but not without water. Continue reading