10 years and counting…

Exactly ten (10) years ago today, I set foot on the premises of Digos Water District to start my stint as an office girl.  It was a very productive day since my first task was to file several-months-old documents (Billing Adjustment Memos).  After the office closed at 5:00PM, I hurriedly went home to celebrate the 55th birthday of my beloved mama.  She was a bit fat at that time and I was… uhm… borderline slim.

Ten years flies so fast – I got married, got two (2) kids who, at the time of writing, are aged 7 and 6, got busy for most of the time as a working parent, and enrolled myself in graduate school just to complicate things a bit.  My stint as an office girl is still on, and loving the job more as I learned more.  While some of my colleagues had thought about resignation (out of frustration or “chasing dreams” stories), I hadn’t seriously thought about it.  The “leaving DWD” concept toyed in my mind, but everytime I looked at my kids whose future lies ahead and the nagging justification of my husband that working in DWD is better as compared to other profession, I brushed the idea away.

Working in DWD is challenging.  You have to fit it to survive – the struggle is real.  Whenever there were trying moments, I closed my eyes, reflect on the blessings I had received and convince myself that tomorrow is another day and a better one.  I always looked at the positive side of things because… why not.  It spared me from falling into depression – it helped me get over with and move on.

Today is a Saturday and while I am typing my heart out in this blog inside the USEP campus than researching for my project, I thought about what transpired earlier.  I woke up at 5:00AM with a mild headache and a runny nose, rode a bus which ran at 60kph max which made me so late for school, slept inside the bus and when I was wide awake, the bus figured in a bumping accident with a white pick-up (Strada) near Matina-Crossing in Davao City.  I rode a taxi heading for USEP and paid P140.00 for the metered ride.  All throughout, I’ve said to myself, “It could have been worse.  Thank You Lord.”

While in transit (taxi), I’ve texted my teacher and my husband about the bus accident.  I also greeted my mama on her 65th birthday though I did not disclose about the accident.  At 65, she looks lean and bony and I am… uhm… fat.


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