Datawrapper: Visualize the World

Datawrapper is an online visualization tool which let users create charts and maps quickly and easily.  The tool is designed to support any user from any area of interest who needs to visualize data for more clarity and context.  It described itself as:

An open source tool helping anyone to create simple, correct and embeddable charts in minutes.

Datawrapper received public funding by ABVZ, a German institution for journalism training from 2011-2013.  Since December 2014, the service is operated by Journalism++ Cologne GmbH, a privately owned company.  The company is bootstrapped and has no outside investors.

The creators of Datawrapper intend to create a tool for universal data visualization, with future releases focusing on easier data search and extended uses such as internal company reporting based on data, through presentations or dashboards.

Like any other innovation, it had its humble beginnings.  It was born as an idea in 2011 – the very first iteration is scribbled on a piece of paper.  A public prototype was launched in early 2012 and by November of the same year, Datawrapper version 1.0 was published.  In December 2014, paid services were introduced such as Datawrapper Single, Datawrapper Team and Datawrapper Pro.

To cite the awards reaped by Datawrapper, it was awarded in the African Innovation Challenge in 2012 and it won the Best start-up for news contest of the Global Editors Network in 2013.  The tool has quickly gained thousands of users in newsrooms and other industries around the world.

Datawrapper could have been rated as a better visualization tool by the author if it remained to be open-source (and free) but, unfortunately, it is not offered for free any longer effective December 1, 2014.  The reason for this is due to rising monthly costs in servers and cloud storage as a result of its increasing popularity as based on chart views.

Datawrapper interactive charts and maps are not allowed to be embedded in WordPress.  Why?  Click this for more detailed explanation.

WordPress had listed shortcodes that may be used in their site.  It does not allow usage of normal embed codes such as <iframe> because it represents a security risk to all other sites hosted by the same service.  Thus, in this article, screen-grabbed images are pasted with links to interactive charts/maps in Datawrapper as a workaround solution.  Furthermore, since the charts are created for free by taking advantage of Datawrapper Basic, it is a necessity to login in the Datawrapper environment to view the interactive charts and map.

Click on the images below to see an interactive chart/map created with Datawrapper.

Map in Datawraper

Click the image to view interactive map on Datawrapper

Worldwide Internet Users

Click the image to view interactive line chart on Datawrapper

Largest Socials Networks in the World by Number of Users

Click the image to view interactive bar chart on Datawrapper

Asia Internet Use

Click the image to view interactive election donut chart on Datawrapper

Popular Social Media Statistics

Click the image to view interactive data table on Datawrapper

Internet Users 2014

Click the image to view interactive map on Datawrapper

By way of conclusion, Datawrapper is still a good visualization tool; it even ranked among the best visualization tools for non-coders currently available.


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